8 Steps to Financial Success

During your engagement with us, we will follow the step-by-step process below to ensure that you get a plan that uniquely meets your needs and helps you build a brighter financial future.

# Step Description Timeframe
1 Prepare for the Initial Meeting After your initial contact with us we will send you a Confidential Questionnaire. You will need to fill it out and return it to us at least two business days before the Initial Meeting. Usually takes about two weeks.
2 Initial Meeting – Get Acquainted We take this time to explain our unique financial planning approach to you and answer any questions you might have about our approach. If you feel that we have a fit, you will need to sign a contract and we will then move on to the Working Session. 15 – 30 minutes
3 Initial Meeting – Working Session This is the “working part” of the Initial Meeting and is when the billable time begins. You will be expected to pay for this service at the end of the meeting (we accept cash or check). At the end of this meeting, we will give you an estimate for the services you request. 60 – 90 minutes
4 Analysis and Plan Formulation This is where we go to work analyzing your data, do any necessary research, and develop a customized plan for you. Steps #4 –  #6 take 2 – 4 weeks
5 Interactive Planning Session For more complicated situations, an interactive planning session (or sessions) may be necessary to further iron out issues. Sometimes, the issues can be handled on the phone. In most cases, this is part of the estimate in the contract. 30 – 90 minutes
6 Presentation of Plan We will review the plan and implementation instructions with you and discuss any questions you have about it. You will be expected to pay the balance due at the end of this meeting. If you desire assistance with implementation, we will give you an estimate. 2 hours
7 Implementation of Plan The plan (from step #6) will have the recommended implementation steps. We can assist with implementation if you desire help. 2 – 4 weeks
8 Follow-Up Financial checkups are recommended at least annually. However, for complex financial situations, or as your financial picture changes, or when there are significant changes in macro-economic factors, more frequent meetings may be needed. Sometimes, these checkups can be handled via email or the telephone. Once or twice per year or as needed

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